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Published: 2021-06-25 03:45:24
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Planning is important and sensitive in every department. This department is working under the supervision of

• Assist to monitor all department budgets and manage all inventories on quarterly basis and assist all team members to manage all production schedules.
• Prepare efficient training programs for all planning processes and manage inventory level for all components and finished products and ensure compliance to all business requirements.
• Manage all workflow for projects and maintain control on same and manage an efficient inventory level of all safety stock and review all volume requirements for all production materials.
• Always assist all new product development and improvement in all existing products and ensure optimal inventory level.
• Facilitate and provide data to prepare all sales forecast and implement all new products and processes for all manufacturing plants.
• Assist to obtain and manage all orders and deliveries for all external processes and prepare reports to be presented to management and manage demand and supply of all materials.
• Collaborate with all stakeholders to perform various strategies and coordinate with program manager to monitor all supply chain activities and resolve all availability issues.
• Prepare reports for all planning activity metrics and analyze all results to recommend required improvements in performance and collaborate with material manager to forecast all required strategies.
• Evaluate and prepare forecast all policy changes and recommend appropriate business requirements.
• Participate in all evaluation meetings on weekly and monthly basis.
• Plan inventory levels and locations and execute all forecasting and planning programs.
• Maintain optimal level of performance within required budget and ensure compliance to all standard projects.
• Train all subordinates of all planning team in various system.
• Process requirement and analyze all working of supply chain team.
• To prepare final dispatch plane and booking backlog on daily basis
• To maintain Freight list
• To prepare divergence sheet
• To maintain area wise sheet on monthly basis
• To deal with daily transport problems
• To deal with after dispatch problems like freight and cement related problems and do all paperwork for priority setting
Plan is made to supply the cement on certain addresses. It makes dispatch plans for the next day. The plan is sent to the Peshawar office through e-mail. It shows that how much quantity is allocated to a dealer. A plan is an order for the factory.
A plan shows the quantity to be dispatched, name and code of the dealer address and mode of transportation. Planning procedure needs three kinds of information. Booking conformation receipts, booking backlog, Addresses and quantity.
Dispatch office issues sales tax invoices and acknowledgement slip. These two slips are given to truck drivers. After unloading, dealers sign the acknowledgement slip for truck driver. If dealer face any problem after dispatch, he can complain on acknowledgement.
Cement is being exported to Afghanistan through the “Torkham border/ Ghulam khan border”.
If a person or firm from Afghanistan wants to import Maple Cement, he must request in writing through his Pakistani agent (who will stand surety for him) as to how much quantity he wants to import, as per the existing trade policy.
A contract for export of cement will be signed between the importer and the company. Based on contract, quotation of rates will be issued to the importer. In the quotation of rates, the company will mention the COST AND FREIGHT CHARGES. In the “Cost and Freight” charges the company will bear all expenses like as loading and unloading unless cement is reached to the importer destination.
In the FREE ON-BOARD case the company will not bear the all expenses. The company is only responsible to reached boarder. When the Cement reached to seaport the responsibility of the company will automatically end.
In the COST IN INSURANCE AND FREIGHT (CIF) In the CIF case the liability of the company is unlimited. If the Cement is damaged during the sailing the company will responsible to change the cement and bear the loss. If the cement fire the company will bears the loss. The company will charge the extra expenses from the importer, if importer will take the Insurance After confirmation from the importer the company will issue the PERFORMA INVOICE (PI).
In (PI) the name of the receiver (importer), description of goods, Quantity, Unit price in (in USD) and total amount (In USD) is mentioned. Country of Origin, Country of Destination, packing in weight, Mode of Shipment, Delivery of Goods Payment Terms, Beneficiary bank name, Account number, and price validity is also mentioned on the PERFORMA INVOICE (PI).
To precede further, company requests in writing to its banker for issue a FORM E Copy of export registration and chamber of commerce and industry membership certificate photocopies. Authorized signatories are provided to bank along with the request letter after filling FORM E is resubmitted to the bank for endorsement and return to us.
The company will get FORM E from the bank and the manually fill and then send to the bank for verification. After verification the bank will endorse the 3 copies along original FORM E to the Company. After receiving, the company original form endorsed to the Custom Authority. The duplicate and triplicate copies send to the bank. In these 2 copies the bank will endorse one copy to the State Bank of Pakistan and one triplicate copy kept in his record.
The fourth copy, the company will be kept in the record PERFORMA INVOICE also called EXPORT- FORM
The FORM E is next page.
The Seaport is located at Karachi. The company will load the cement on the trucks from MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED Cement Factory, MIANWALI. After loading the Cement, the trucks move to the Karachi warehouses. The company will arrange the Containers as per payment terms. The labors will unload the trucks and load the Cement on the Containers and sealed it.
Then company will prepare the Pre-shipment documents also called custom documents. Following documents are handed over to the shipping agent of the importer for preparation of shipping bill and clearance of consignment at Torkham custom post.
After preparing these documents, company will submit these documents to the custom agent. The custom agent checked the containers along with documents. Either products are genuine/legal or not? After inspection, the custom agent approves the documents and then company will load the containers on the vessel. After loading on the vessel, the vessel sails to importer destination. The shipping line will issue the “Bill of Leading” to the company.
After shipping, the company will prepare the “Post-shipment” documents for the importer.
The Post-shipment documents are followings;
It is basically demand created by user department. If the worker of MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED needs any item relating his task than he raise demand by giving this letter.
When purchase department see any requisition contact to suppliers is done. So that they can give
the proper idea about theirs items. That how much easily they can provide these items.
This is basically response of suppliers against RFQ.
This is a comparison of all the quotations which are received from suppliers. In this statement
department see that which suppliers is providing items in least amount and in reasonable time.
Purchase order will follow a predefined approval hierarchy to get approval.
After taking comparison a suppliers is suggested. And order is placed to supplier.
User will enter receipt in the system on physical receipt of item on gate.
User will enter results of inspection in the system for every receipt entered in the system.
In receipt section the inward and outward gate pass is analyzed. Once purchase department placed order than the supplier delivers the item to head office. When these items reached to the office inward gate pass is made to enter these items in office. And these items are reached to store
department. When these items reached to store department, a report is maintained by store
department. That is SAIR (Store Arrival and Inspection Report).
RR section
After the completion of SAIR a reprehensive of relevant department came to store and see whether items are according the quotation or not. If these are not according to need than rejection remarks is passed, and items are sent back to supplier with the reason of rejection. If supplier has items according the reason than he sent those items, this time.
Another report is made on approving the items by a relevant person. That is MRR (Material
Receiving Report). And after this items are stored in store department.
If the department which had raised PR needs items than they will get those items by MOI (Move
order issue) statement. And material will be shifted to that department from store department. If
there some items remain unused than these items will be shifted back to store department for
future use.
There are five practices of human resource.
Recruitment and Selection
There is a long process of recruitment and selection in MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED. First a vacancy add is published in newspapers. Then interviews are conducted in Head office Lahore. A written test is also a part of selection process. Then after a proper analysis a candidate is selected for the job. Now, the HR department of MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED starts to maintain the record of employee in a file.
Recruit me
Employee Academic Certificate
Curriculum Violet
Handwritten application for recruitment
Company test
Employee’s Code of Conduct
Employee personal record form
Appointment Latter
Medical fitness certificate
Registered AID (Security Clearance)
Orientation Program
Orientation Arrival
Probation Review Form
Review Form Conformation
Office Orders
And in the case of retirement or death some other document also becomes the part of record file.
Such like Death Certificate, Clearance form etc.
The specimens of some documents are attached with report.
With the advancement in technology, MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED also arrange different workshops and training programs for employees. First the training of one year is necessary for new recruitment of technical
staff. With the advancement in Oracle Software, Company provides employees opportunity to learn about oracle as they need. For this company provides one-week training to employees in head office.
Performance Appraisal
For this purpose, an Annual Confidential Report (ACR) is prepared according the performance of employee throughout year. On the basis of which different steps is taken for employee’s future. A form is a part of this report which is called worker performance appraisal form. The sketch of data which is obtained with the help of this form is Personal Data Performance Evaluation
o Professional Knowledge
o Hard work and Dedication
o Work Standard
o Team Work
o Attitude and Behavior
o Attendance
o Honest and Loyal
o Obedient
o Personal Hygiene
o Courteousy
Overall performance
Training (TNA)
Comments of GM.
This form is filled by the head of department of relevant employee.
An increment of 15% to 75 % in salary is offered to employees every year.
Company also insures all its employees.
On the time of retirement following adjustments are maintained.
From the date of joining after probation period the amount is deducted from the salary and
provided every employee after his retirement in the form of Provident Fund. After retirement an Earned Leave fund is also provided to employee. A lum-sum amount in form of Gratuity is also provided to employee. It is basically obtained by multiplying number of year service with last basic salary. Deductions are also done. May be employee took any loan from company than the adjustment is passed for that amount. It can be house building loan or any other loan.
Company focused to maintained good relationship with employees. For this purpose, different worker parties are working in MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED. These maintain a good relation between employees and company.
After the completion of a year, employees brings their represented forward who try to solve the
problems of workers. There is a system of election for choosing the best representation of
The IT department oversees the installation and maintenance of computer network systems within a company. This may only require a single IT employee, or in the case of larger organizations like MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED a team of IT specialist must be there . Its primary function is to ensure that the network runs smoothly.
The IT department evaluate and install the proper hardware and software necessary to keep the network functioning properly. This includes working within a budget that allocates the amount of money the company can afford on network devices and software. The IT department make sure that the equipment it invests in both optimally serves the needs of the company without going over budget.
The main function of this department is to provide a sound IT supports to the entire company, They are also responsible for managing and transferring data among the concerned authorities in head office and factory site .The head of IT along with his team always try to provide the employees with better support. Although the IT department is a very small one in MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED , nonetheless it is a very important department.
Prime activities
MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED Cement is the largest single cement production site in Pakistan. It is one of the pioneers of cement industry in Pakistan and in 1956 it was formed by the collaboration between the West Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation and the Government of Canada.
Currently, the Company operates via two production lines to produce grey cement and one line for white cement in which it owns more than 90% market share. All three lines are owned assets of the Company. Total installed capacity for clinker production is 3,360,000 tons annually.
An additional dry process clinker production line of 7,300 tpd grey clinker production to enhance grey cement capacity upto 18,000 tons per day at the existing plant site (brown field project) with an estimated project cost of Rs. 25 billion is in process. Commercial production from the new line is expected to commence within the 4th quarter of current financial year.
The Company markets and sales its products all over Pakistan with market presence mainly in North and Central regions. The Company also exports cement to India, Afghanistan, Middle East and other African countries.
Today with a current clinker production capacity of 11,700 tpd and an ongoing brownfield expansion of 7,300 tpd to bring grey clinker production capacity to 18,000 tpd we stand as the largest single unit Cement Manufacturer in Pakistan. Our production plants are powered by cutting edge technology that helps us dominate local & International markets.
MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED Cement has at present two separate plants for Grey and White Cement; each with dedicated production lines within the same facility that ensure a continuous supply of cement 24/7-330 days a year. We have kept ourselves abreast of global improvements in the cement manufacturing technologies and processes. Staying true to our mantra of technological excellence, work on state-of-the-art fuel-efficient dry process plant based on the FLSmidth technology with production capacity of 7,300 tpd is progressing at an impressive pace. This facility will enable the Company to increase its total clinker production capacity to
approximately 6 million tons annually. FLSmidth is a global engineering company based in Copenhagen, Denmark which is a leading provider of OneSource cement production plants worldwide and has a presence in more than 40 countries.
MAPLE LEAF CEMENT FACTORY LIMITED has a team of over 1,200 professionals and highly skilled workers that make us what we are today.
Product Portfolio – To cater to varying needs of the market, the Company produces the following cement
i) Ordinary Portland Cement
ii) Sulphate Resistant Cement
iii) Low Alkali Cement
iv) White Cement
v) Wall Coat
The varying products allow us to cater different types of customers from household to contractors to Government
infrastructure needs as the composition of cement required by each is different.

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