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Advantages of Having a Good Behavior in
Maritime Profession through Maturity, Actions and Behavioral factors that can lead to success.

Michael B. VillarEnglish 030, B46
Professor, Joanne Desacado.October 4, 2019
I. Advantages of having a good behavior in Maritime profession through Maturity, Actions and Behavioral factors that can lead to success.
II. Maturity of cadets as a:
Companionability skill of Cadets
Communicativeness of a Cadets
Emotional Maturity
Physical Characteristics
Qualities of a Cadets
Physical Maturity
Matured manner
III. Actions onboard as:
Disciplinary Actions
Behavioral Changes
Conduct Management
Progressive Actions
Personality Attributes:
Personality Psychology.
Personal Creativity.
IV. Behavioral Factor
Code of conduct/Ethics
V. Conclusion
It is possible that behavioral of a person can affect the performance or level of a certain person. Aside from behavior factor there are many possibilities that achieving a good behavior is attainable. Also as a future seafarer three factor is most noticeable in achieving the good behavior they are Maturity, action onboard and behavioral factor that can lead to success.
Nautical calling has typically been seen as one of the most set up calling amongst youngsters; however in trendy work market has considerably modified wants of vocation decisions. At present, the sea business enterprise has in greater of forty thousand opening, however the creating pattern. If the recent level of officer or cadets applies for a job from Asia and other developing countries, than the shipping officers with University level are particularly difficult to recruit for crew shipping companies. That’s why a cadet must possess a character or attributes that can lead him to success.
Firstly, a cadet should possess a self-picture as Maturity being a cadet is a challenging desire we can’t be childish inner the vessel we act as man now not a person. Being matured as person gives an advantages to prioritize their time in more meaning ways. According Zorne (2011) person learners are better at time management and life has taught them how to discern between urgent and trivial tasks means that through maturity Cadets may prioritize everything on time. Cadets having a standard of being maturity can achieve work-life balance a tool that most need as cadets who often feel struggles to manage their studies, duties, activities and social life at the same time.
Secondly, cadets must possess an action on board. Behavior of person is attainable but is too hard to achieve as soon as possible. One of the keystones in where cadets ought to possess is disciplinary action the place in offers a high quality way to cadets. In maritime occupation it is regular that progressive self-discipline action is extra on verbal as an alternative than physical. According to William Thompson (2016) character education based on discipline can eliminate violent, dishonest and in securable of a person which result later to Good behavior. Personality of individual will always reflect on his character. Good physical character can enhance the capability to achieve dreams and complete challenging tasks.
Lastly, cadets must possess a positive behavioral factor. Conduct can be learn through various setting as indicated by David Resnik Ph.D. (2015) the vast majority learn moral standards at home, at school, in chapel, or in other social settings. Albeit a great many people obtain their feeling of good and bad during adolescence, moral advancement happens all through life and individuals go through various phases of development as they develop. Code of ethics is the foundation have to all cadets possess it is a tenet that consist of requirements and conference of the codes. Code of ethics additionally possess the violation of the regulations that being to cadet if something is go wrong. Self-management also required in maritime profession in embraces change and rethinks both structure and work definitions as new opportunities arise.
Therefore, I conclude that having a good behavior has an advantage in maritime profession. Most company or agency is look with good behavior rather than smart person the reason for this is those in vessels all personnel must be synchronize in behavior. But to obtain a good behavior cadet must obtain maturity, actions and behavioral that lead them to success.
Advantages of Having a Good Behavior in
Maritime Profession
A Research Paper
According to Susan Buchanan (2015) A child’s morality code which emphasized the value of self-central, good behavior, kindness, truth, self-reliance and good workmanship. Which stated that one child morality have many influential factor that can triggered to develop a Good positive Behavior.
This literature review considers the three factors that affect the person to reach a Good behavior:
Maturity level of a cadet
Action of a cadet that lead to Good behavior
Behavioral Factor.
Sociability is a characteristic that can be assessed behaviorally as verbal engagement by many individuals who construct their personal behavior pattern on the basis of a person’s social interaction. Companionability skill of cadets creates a room to boost their behavior by improving the self-confidence, self-worth and self- manner. As a person, this skill is vital both at school and at work, it can help to control their emotions and respond appropriately to others. Also communication has a great influence in behavior with changing time condition of individual is also changing. The effect of these changes is expressed in the actions of an individual in the way that humans behave and act in certain situations. Emotional maturity refers to your ability to recognize and affect the behavior of your character, which allows the cadet’s life to be positive.. Life of Good Behavior determines your performance in very own words, not society, but behavior with positive characteristics is a way to aspire for achievement.
According to Merve (2006) term of maturity stage has a primarily based model that consists of the definition of the level of character maturity and capabilities capability that maturity of a sure character have a distinctive ways to be created that can be end result additionally on how individual can enhance a suitable behavior. Disciplinary Action is one of the keystones in the place cadet’s or marines gain their conduct in tremendous way.
According to William Thompson (2016) character education based on discipline can eliminate violent, dishonest and in securable of a person which result later to Good behavior. In maritime profession discipline is pronounce extensively as an action’s that need to be a compliance with behavior. Cadets frequently get shouted via the officer both a Good or terrible things would possibly be heard but the issue is the way as the officer shouted they use the positive self-discipline that deals with nice components about the individual action rather than bad behavior.
According to Froyen & Iverson (1999) Conduct management refers to the set of procedural skills that character employ in their try to address and resolve self-discipline problems in the environment which count on to conduct themselves in a professional and fantastic manner.
Behavior cadres in maritime profession maybe successful in life if they have good traits in their self, according to Capt. Kelly (2019) progressive action deals with the development through achieving potential and enhance one’s attitude by adopting all the positive behavior as possible. Personality is a broad concept but this is one of the factor that can lead a person or cadet what kind of behavior in can show in public. Overall personality is a unique set of characteristics within a person that work to influence their beliefs, motivations, emotions, behaviors and even their environment. Character can likewise allude to the imbued examples of considerations, practices and helpers that create for a mind-blowing duration cycle to impact the manner in which they see their general surroundings, as well as their beliefs, self-perception and attitude.
As seafaring we have our conduct of ethics which all misconduct and misbehave have its own penalty later translate to factor that contribute to develop a good behavior to cadets.
According to kleantjc (2011) the difference of the foundation of code of ethics is about including standards and convention of the codes. A guide of standards intended to enable experts to lead, sincerely and with respectability A code of morals report may plot the crucial estimations of the association, how experts should approach issues, the moral standards dependent on the association’s center, and the measures to which the expert is held.
According to David Resnik Ph.D. (2015) most people learn ethical norms at home, at school, in church, or in other social settings. Albeit the vast majority obtain their feeling of good and bad during youth, moral advancement happens all through life and people go through various phases of development as they develop. Moral standards are pervasive to such an extent that one may be enticed to view them as basic practical.
According to Max H. Bazerman (2012) a conduct morals approach doesn’t show understudies how they ought to act when confronting moral issues, nor educate them about what rationalists and ethicists would prescribe. Rather it sees an open door in helping understudies and experts better comprehend their own conduct in the morals space, and contrast it with how they might in a perfect world want to carry on.
There are five generally utilized self-administration intercessions: self-observing, self-assessment, self-guidance, objective setting, and technique guidance. Self-checking is a multistage procedure of watching and recording one’s conduct (Mace, Belfiore, and Hutchinson, 2001).
The individual at first should separate the event of an objective conduct; at that point, the individual must self-record some part of the objective. Self-assessment alludes to a procedure wherein understudies contrast their presentation with a recently settled model set by them. This process can be done with do anything because behavior of a certain person can be developing the way they treat themselves in the environment or society.
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