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Published: 2021-06-25 04:07:01
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Beyond planning, what is the importance of rehearsing or conducting drills on crisis preparedness to ensure effective crisis communication?
An emergency operations or all hazards plan is only as good as the ability of students and staff to execute it. School drills save lives and property. Training prepares staff and emergency response teams to effectively manage emergency situations that cannot be prevented (p.146). Drills have to be personalized for each scenario and each building. This means there are many plans in place for everyone to be familiar with. What we may need to do for a fire in the building where PE is held, will be different then what needs to be done for a fire in the classroom. Same goes for the difference in a tornado drill vs an intruder drill in the same building. If all these scenarios are not practiced in every possible location, then if the time should come and these procedures need to be carried out, then the students and teachers won’t be secure in their decision about what to do and where to go and this could end in fatalities.
How might a crisis in one school district cause another school district to become the focus of media attention—even when it isn’t directly involved in the crisis? How can school communicators prepare for such media interest?
Once a tragedy hits close to home, it is only natural for us to think about and wonder “what if”. So when a crisis in one school district occurs, nearby school districts and stakeholders, then start to question their crisis plan and whether it needs to be updated, and whether or not they are fully prepared to handle a similar crisis should it occur in their district. Communication to parents and guardians is critical to reduce anxiety and fear, as are efforts to meet the emotional needs of students, many of whom are often steeped in the nonstop news coverage of the incident (Moore, Bagin & Gallagher, 2016, p.146).
Explain the importance of using online and social media in crisis communication and the roles they can play in crisis communication.
Social media plays a huge role in crisis management and its use should be a very active part of our crisis management and crisis communications strategy. It’s primary role is to convey information to the public. It also happens to be the fastest way to communicate important information. Web sites and other online information can be extremely valuable for disseminating information in a crisis. Use your district or school Web site to:
Provide current, accurate information about the crisis and what actions the district is taking to protect students and staff.

Post news releases and fact sheets.
Provide tips on warning signs to watch for in children and suggestions for helping children cope with trauma.
Provide links to other quality sites with resources and advice for parents.
Provide a forum or chat room for parents, students, and community members to share feelings, concerns, and suggestions about the crisis and related issues.
Post a message board for get-well wishes or condolences.
Post safety and discipline policies and behavior codes and the consequences for violation (Moore, Bagin & Gallagher, 2016, p.151).
What are the major steps to undertake in dealing with the aftermath of a crisis?
The crisis team needs to be follow appropriate steps for handling the situation days, and even weeks, following a crisis. The first step immediately following a crisis, is to make sure accurate information is available to minimize destructive/disruptive rumors. Therefore, the crisis team needs to make sure the teachers have accurate information to share with the students. They should be prepared to assure the students that whatever feelings they are having are natural and that resources will be available if they should need to talk to a professional. Teachers and staff also need to know what signs to look for in students who may not be handling the crisis in a healthy manner. This same information should be shared with the parents.
For a school system, dealing with the aftermath means learning from what has happened, healing the wounds, and looking after the long-term health, safety, and education of students. The authors of The School and Community Relations, suggest the following in dealing with the aftermath of a crisis:
Hold debriefings
Continue crisis counseling
Be prepared for lawsuits.
Establish appropriate memorials.
Account for donations and gifts.
Recognize those who have contributed, volunteered, or helped.
Pay bills.
Examine school culture.
Be ready for long-term attention (Moore, Bagin & Gallagher, 2016, p.156).
What characteristics and skills should be considered when choosing a spokesperson for a crisis? What’s the most important ability needed?
Although many may be tempted to share information that they know through the experience, staff should refrain from this temptation due to causing possible confusion for the community. Be clear about who will serve as the primary spokesperson. Generally, the chief spokesperson will be the person in charge of district wide communications (Moore, Bagin & Gallagher, 2016, p.150). The communications office should handle all media questions and requests, which should include regular briefings.
Picking the right person to for media communication needs to be handled carefully. The community expects and wants to hear from the superintendent and principal, and they will have to make some sort of statement, but it neither is best fit for the duty of official spokesperson, then efforts must be made to hand over that job to the most qualified person. The spokesperson must be able to communicate information with grace. It is also important for them to possess the ability to communicate well, have confidence and a positive attitude. They should be professional, organized, and possibly have some sort of training in communication and situations involving crises.
Call your school district and see what kind of reaction you get. Don’t identify yourself if a person answers the phone. If a person does not answer the phone, determine how long it takes to figure out the menu and how much time elapses before you can get to your party. Is this the kind of response that an angry caller will be calmed by?
I had to do some recruiting for this question since my school has caller ID and the secretary and I are close friends, I knew I would not be able to perform this task anonymously. My subject called the school, the secretary answered after 3 rings, and greeted my subject with the normal “School name, this is secretary’s name”. Our school does not have a recorded menu option system that directs the caller to the person they need to speak with, we only have a voicemail that will pick up should the secretary not be able to take the call and for after hours and weekends. These voicemails are listened to the following school day and calls are returned that same morning. I believe our very simple system is personal and therefore leaves callers happy with the communication process.
Conduct a “curb appeal” analysis of some of the facilities in a local school system. What is appealing about the facilities as you drive by? What could be improved? What is the overall first impression that you believe these facilities make on first-time visitors?
I chose the school district in my hometown to analysis the “curb appeal”. There are three schools here, an early childhood elementary (pk-3rd), a middle school building (4th-6th), and a high school (7th-12th). All three schools have had a “facelift” in the last 5-10 years which has helped with one’s first impression. Are they completely up to date and modern looking? No, but they actually look very nice. The name of the school is clearly visible, the mail entrance is easy to find. The landscaping is new and appears to have flowers and plants that will look nice throughout the entire school year. The student parking at the high school appears to be in the middle of repair, which is the only thing that I noticed that really needed attention. The football stadium, field, and locker rooms are top of the line with artificial turf and all the bells and whistles, thanks to the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond’s husband, Ladd Drummond whom attended Pawhuska schools all his life and has children who participate in athletics through the Pawhuska school district.
Review a local school district’s policy on community use of school facilities. Do you find the policy to be clear? How might it be improved?
I reviewed our school district’s policy on community use of school facilities and found it to be very clear and easy to read/understand. It states that our school facilities are available for public use as long as the requested activities do not interfere with normal school operations. It also states that groups/individuals need to submit, within 10 (ten) days of event, a signed application, deposit and, if applicable, a certificate of liability insurance. At that time, the application will be reviewed, and a decision will be made. The policy goes over the reasons why an application may be denied, and any other rules that must be followed if application is approved. The only thing I would suggest is to make the application available on our website so that it may be filled out electronically.
Why is it important that phone calls, email, and written inquiries to schools be acknowledged and addressed promptly? What would you consider to be reasonable timelines for school employees handling inquiries?
Moore, Bagin & Gallagher (2016) states that, No contact should be allowed to remain unanswered for several days. In fact, email inquiries should be acknowledged promptly—ideally on the same day in which they are received. Common courtesy demands a prompt reply (p.163). They go on to say that if the response requires gathering further information before one can properly respond with the appropriate response, then the call, email, or written inquiry should still be replied to explaining that the information requested is being looked into and a response will be submitted soon. This should not take any longer than a day or two at the most.

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