Business management has many applications that are used in real Paper

Published: 2021-06-25 03:41:50
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Business management has many applications that are used in real life, in various ways such as managing a construction program or even being a head teacher in a high school. My personal eureka moment would be when I first discovered business, which was when I chose the wrong option for my GCSE’s, I had to cope with it for a whole year; but then I found myself drawn towards it, and now I have a passion for this subject. I feel like this interest of mine fits nicely into the global picture as there are many businesses which fail, usually because of a lack of managerial responsibilities being fulfilled, mainly the allocation of the resources of a business. My goal would be to become a chartered manager and maybe start up my own business one day.
During my past year in the sixth form, I have built up a strong foundation of skills within the subjects of which I study. I am currently doing A-Levels in Physics, Maths and Business studies. These skills conclude; time management, evaluating evidence, data analysis and problem-solving skills. And some are unique to the subject such as research of the internet and other sources from both business and physics. These skills guided me through the critical parts of my A-Levels.
Alongside my studies within the school I have developed my knowledge of the business world in these current situations by reading online articles on a daily basis, this helped me understand more about what is going on around me as well as understanding the trade conflicts which may be taking place, these real-life examples are a reflection of the theory which I am currently learning about in school. Another way that I am pursuing my interest in business studies is by completing various online courses; they consist of, Different types of business, financial accounting and reporting, and Introduction to operations management. These courses helped me to fundamentally understand the concepts in a clear and logical manner.
For my work experience as I have completed 2 weeks’ worth of work experience in two different places; one week has been with Trust Ford in Wilmslow, spending each day in a different department learning about the different processes that undergo in running such a large business. The second week was with a rather small firm being a chartered accountancy firm, where I have completed various tasks from helping search for information to help sort it out into presentable form. I have found both opportunities worth investing upon as they not only taught me new skills of communication in a work environment but also refined my understanding of what such work is needed in such an industry, i.e. what type of preliminary focus a business needs in order to survive in different industries.
Following on through the year and towards the end of the academic year, I went to a STEM masterclass in Manchester organised by Manchester airport. Although the event was STEM-themed but there were some managerial aspects linked to it such as Quantitative surveying which was about managing the costs of construction in a way which would satisfy most if not all managers on your team. This experience was invaluable as it helped me to start thinking about many aspects of being a manager and how to manage everything in order to achieve the specified outcome meanwhile maintaining your managers satisfied. Alongside that experience, I have been involved in extracurricular activities within the school, such as ‘In-class support for Y7 students in maths lessons’. This has branched out my conscious understanding on how to be a better leader by taking more responsibility into account when making decisions, and improved my organisation, this was by being put under pressure of carrying out a task for the students.
In conclusion, I would like to apply to this business studies course mainly to fulfil my passion for this subject. I would be a successful candidate for this course as I have the necessary skills needed for such course as being, responsible, optimistic, team worker, patient, calm under pressure and many more are essential; besides having a unique talent of speaking Arabic besides English as my first language. I believe that this would help me understand the course in a different and interesting way.

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