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Published: 2021-06-25 03:44:50
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The use of mobile technology in education is a recent initiative due to the availability and rapid advancement of mobile devices such as smart-phone PDAs, and handheld computers. Recently, there have been many research studies and applications of mobile learning in both formal and informal learning.
Our research presents some of these recent developments and analysis of e-technologies for the disaster management system in the difficult geographies. By the help of this application (Weather Expert APP) we can easily alert rural areas people. Various kind of weather App and Research have done now a days but our basically different weather system started to play a vital role in our State and the peoples living there.
Weather is sometimes difficult to predict. This accurate weather app allows the user to find out a detailed forecast wherever the users are, for any time of the day or for the next few days just by tapping on the icons. The user can pay attention to their city’s weather conditions; always make the user lives easier in advance to make decisions, like a sort of travel escort. The user can rely on the accurate weather forecast and adjust the user schedule to the weather coming in. The user won’t even have to look out the window as the app will make the user feel like they are already outside!
From the above-detailed study, it can be concluded that it is really necessary to make a complete step so that natural disaster does not make any harmful impact on the life of human beings (Akhtar&Farooq,2017). This report mainly focused on the management of disaster and their risk by taking the example of Uttarakhand state in India. Uttarakhand is a state which is considered to be the most dangerous zone in respect t to the natural calamities.
Here we have discussed the new technology and the software which are used for the weather forecast (cloud-burst). It is helpful for the people so that they can be aware of the upcoming disaster.
1.The application is an android application only.It can also be made a web based and an ios based application.
2. The Application is in single language i.e. English. It can be made in any language as per the user’s choice.
Future Scope:-
Flashflood of Uttarakhand in 2013 is one of the devastating disasters in Himalaya as well as world history. There should not be any doubt that ruthless human desire for rapid development has increased and accelerated the impact of the disaster. Mother Nature has given a lesson to all those who are in rat race to control nature for their profit. After the death toll and long suffers, everybody is asking for the remedies. Actually, no one can prevent this short of catastrophic event; it is truly an „Act of God’. But we can minimize the impact of such disaster keeping in mind –“Prevention is better than cure”. If we follow these matters, situation won?t be so worst in future .
It is difficult to forecast a mesoscale weather phenomenon especially cloudburst. But to some extend now it is possible. But it requires high-resolution numerical models and mesoscale observation equipments such as of high performance computer, Doppler Weather Rader (DWR), Automatic Weather Station (AWS), Radiosonde/ Rawinsond (RS/RW) etc. These observation equipments can be installed in every sub divisional towns for high resolution measurement (>10 km) of vertical profiles and parameters of atmosphere. This entire model works in NOWCAST mode only i.e. few hours in advance. So, education and tanning of the local administration should be incorporated for preparation within short notice that helps mitigation of the disaster. With the early warning system, effective evacuation plans and responsive disaster management group should be prepared with the proper guidance and assistance with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). These groups can be deployed block wise with active Participation of local inhabitants. Construction of Big dams on highly seismic areas like Uttarakhand (major portions of the state fall in seismic zone v) is a vulnerable task.
Though technically it is possible but negative impact should be kept in mind. Before construct these big dams the proper investigation is very much needed through Environmental impact Assessment (EIA).For a proper EIA report, a multi disciplinary ( with the collaboration of social scientist ,engineer, environmentalist and civil society) task force is needed to investigates the socio-environmental challenges associate with the proposed projects. But it is a matter of regret that there are great difference in between EIA report of Govt. agencies and independent expert committees. For example, in April 2010, an independent expert committee of non-official members and expert of National Ganga River Basin Authority or NGRBA made a socio-environmental study of theunderconstruction Hydro projects such as Koteshswar on Bhagirati; SingoliBhatwari and Phata-Byung on Mandakini and Srinagar, Vishnugangad, Pipalkoti on Alaknanda.
After the study they have suggested to stop these projects immediately because this projects are vulnerable for natural river courses. Before construction of all the proposed dams in the state, the state and Central agencies must ensure that these projects won?t submerge the important holy confluences. Otherwise the river morphology and ecology will be disturbed. For example, the projects of Devsari on Pinder River and other three projects Kotlibhel will submerge the confluence of DevPrayag. So, these projects should be cancelled immediately. We should avoid the vulnerable areas (high terrain with slope factors and weak lithology) for big dams. Instead of big dams we can construct small dams (like check dams) in upper catchment areas according to the stream order and distribution of contours. Size and the height of these dams must be increased according to their stream order. It is also very important to maintain enough distance between two dams so that the natural flow of the rivers won?t be interrupted. In this way an ascending order of dams in the catchment areas can be delayed the flood and provides relatively much more time to evacuate the people from lower areas. This type of dams can also play a vital role in village electrification generating the hydro power as well as can provide irrigational water.
Hazard maps of landslide should be prepare in Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with airborne or stationary LiDAR, GPS, GIS and associating instruments. LiDAR technology is very much effective to identify the fault and weak zones in rock strata. [22] Geosynthetic or Geotextile can be used experimentally to reduce landslide. More over protection wall can be made in slide porn areas. The best way to prevent landslide in high mountain areas is to return back of Oak trees. It has proven that oak has the capability to compaction the lithology with organic matters than pine or other gymnosperms .Forestation of oak can be accelerated with social forestry with the cooperation local governing bodies and participation of local inhabitants. There should be strict restriction on mass tourism in Eco-sensitive zones especially in Char Dhams, Valley of Flowers and several glaciers and snouts areas.
Annual quota of tourists or pilgrims should be introduced in these areas like Kailash –Manasarovar Yatra. Environmental Tax must be collected from the tourists and vehicles to regulate the influx vehicular movement in high terrain areas. Heavy Duty vehicles should be prohibited in slide porn areas and regular monitoring should go on. Construction of buildings and structures on unstable hill slopes and young flood pains must be restricted. Multi storied buildings on high terrain area should not be developed, this type of structures put excessive load on lithology that causes landslide. Urban sanitation and sewerage systems should be modernized with water treatment plants and proper solid waste management. Using of plastic poly bags should be prohibited with strong monitoring.

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