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Published: 2021-06-25 03:45:25
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I am writing this letter to address the issue of the gender earning gap in Canada. We talk highly about equal rights among men and women, but it is not true in terms of wage.
The data from Statistics of Canada from 2011 shows that if the factor of temporary work is removed even then females earn only 72 cents for every dollar a man earns for the same full-time job.
If we examine that women are less educated, it is not true because women are working for the same company as men are, they are as intelligent as men are. But still, when it comes to reaching the same wage they are pushed downwards through the corporate ladder.
Global news claims that females in Canada make on average 8000 less than males for any comparable jobs.
Also reports in Ottawa shows that highest paid CEO’s add more evidence to this inequality that females never pass the ceiling in the corporate ladder in terms of wages. On the other hand, men are ones who are at the top of this ladder. At the same level of the corporate, females still, face the difference.
If there is anything women cannot do is something that is not yet discovered. Female CEO’s are scored highest in humility and teamwork. The only reason we see fewer women in high posts is that there is less motivation in terms of wages. When women do not get similar wages, they do not see enough of the reason to work hard and fight for their rights. But this should be taken into consideration that women are as capable as men are to perform any job.
We can get this wage gap covered by simply working on small things daily. Firstly, salary transparency. The employers should provide a piece of clear information related to the salaries for several jobs so that people know the range for that sector and could ask firmly for the salary that should be given to them, that would be a fair deal for everyone.
The work that any woman is doing should be respected. There are various examples which show women working in that sector and low wage. For example, a nanny is paid less than a CEO running a bank, but it should change. The wages in all work sectors should be raised so that females feel respected and feel worthier. If Government is allowing low wage for women, then even women take a wrong estimate of their own worth.
Research has shown that most of the women do not even ask for the wage they desire. They bid for the lowest range as they think an employer will never agree to what they are looking for, so they settle for less, instead, they should speak up for their own rights. Especially, when examples around them are always negative. There should be mentoring programs in colleges or universities that could help women in raising their self- esteem to ask for the wage they deserve and the maximum that sector offers.
I can still go on with all the facts, interviews and more reasons on why the wage gap should be diminished. I believe this information is enough to prove that when we talk about gender equality in Canada, it is still not there.
Why cannot a man sitting across the table taking an interview consider the opposite gender as deserving as himself? How many times women should prove that they are as best as men?
Yours Sincerely,

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