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Published: 2021-06-25 04:06:55
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I believe that sports play a huge role in early childhood development because the coaches in whatever sport the children are playing can teach them the important life skills, that they can use when they get older. Their coach can teach them respect, the importance of teamwork, and their role on a sports team. Youth sports is an Important part in a young kid’s life because, they can get out and hang out with friends and have a good time playing a sport they love to play, while learning some life aspects while doing it.
Sports play a huge role in early childhood development because sports can help you show you the importance of having friends and knowing how to play as a team and not as a “ball hog.” Teaching kids the importance of teamwork because when they are in school, they will need to be using teamwork for group projects and extracurricular activities such as math clubs, drama clubs, etc.
The relationships developed in youth sports can create lifetime friends because of the effort you share together as teammates at practice and games. Kids also are going to learn that when they are playing a sport, they need to respect others, respect the rules of the game, and they need to understand what the coaches are trying to tell them. It’s like in school, and later in your life, you can’t do your own thing. You must follow what the teachers/employers are saying and if you don’t follow them then it could potentially cause problems for you down the road.
Often, younger children’s after school activities and sports teams are not too expensive. depending on the sport, usually you don’t really need a lot of expensive equipment, just go as yourself and they will give you most of the equipment. Especially programs that are community based or run through groups, for example the YMCA.
One of the most important things that kid needs to learn is time management. That is a very important aspect for a young child to learn because once they get into high school and beyond, they are really going to have to put that to work between school, work if they are working and the sport that they play. Kids will learn that they have to be ready to go to practice and games at a specific time, make sure all their homework is done on time, know where their equipment and sports gear ready to go when it is needed.
The physical fitness component of sports helps the kids stay in shape and build a good habit of working out as they get older and progress in the sport that they are playing which is good for the children’s health. Staying active and healthy when you are young is important because it also helps with mental focus, emotional strength. Keeping active is also important because it really helps them, so they don’t get anything that can put their life at risk. It is important to have your kid at good health when they are younger, so nothing happens to them when they are older. Early childhood sports can also reduce a lot of stuff that might be going on in their life. Dr.Dlyn Robers of the University of Illinois says that, “Sports can affect a child’s development of self-esteem and self-worth, it is also within sports that peer status and peer acceptance is established and developed.” Sports are going to help kids really learn a lot about things that they are going to need to know about during life. Like self-confidence, how to communicate with coaches if you need anything or if you want to know about practice. It also kills a lot of bad disease and behaviors that they could potentially have in the future.
I thoroughly believe that youth sports are very important because when you are playing a youth sport the coaches are trying to Improve you to be the young person that you want to be. The worst times as an athlete are losing games or performing poorly during the game. Learning from these difficult times helps a kid build his/her character because then they will be able to cope with the pain in the classroom when they are not doing so well in a class or an assignment. Determination is also another good word to use because if you are determined to do well on the field then you are most likely going to be ready to kick it and do well in school. You never know, if you do well in school and on the baseball field then you may end up on a professional baseball teaming making good money. But if baseball does not work out for you then at least you have good grades and can go to college and succeed in school and be making good money there too.
School is another reason why childhood sports are good because it is really going to help a young child develop, because in the classroom kids will use their focus that they hopefully learned in the sport that they play. The focus in the classroom is very important because if they want to keep playing the sport of their choice then they are going to have to do well in the classroom. If you aren’t doing well in the classroom when you are a younger child, then it’s okay but when you get up into middle school and high school, your teammates really depend on you to do well in school so you can continue to perform while playing the sport you want.
From personal experience, sports really helps me reduce depression and anxiety, I was going through a lot of stuff a few years ago and everyday that I didn’t feel right or just felt like doing anything I would always either go to the gym, or grab a few buddies of mine and go to the field and start hitting baseball and doing stuff that would reduce what was going on at the time. It really is a good way to get rid of overthinking because sports really is a mental game. Most people s bay that it is one of the easiest game to play, but it really isn’t. If you aren’t mentally there then you aren’t going to be thinking about what’s going on and you aren’t going to preform how you want to. What I used to always do is stay after the game if I didn’t think I did the best that I could and keep practicing at what I wasn’t doing well on and it really helped because then when I was clear-minded and I would perform a lot better than I thought I could because of all that extra practice I put in to make myself that much better. Higher up in the paper I said that sports really helps you build your self-confidence, I believe that that is true because if you don’t do good in a game then you are going to get mad at yourself and that’s only going to be good for you because you are going get your self-confidence really high. Also, when I was a child and playing all these sports it always made me so happy that I would get a trophy at the end of the year and the coach would always say “Good job, can’t wait to see you next year!”, that would always get me so excited for the next season because there is always so many memories to come from each season that you play when you are a young kid.
Parents play a really big role in the youth sports. It is important that the parents support their child playing the sport because they will need to support them, bring them to everything that they need to go to, possibly pay for some equipment. Creating a “Positive sports environment” is key for a child to learn more and stay active in the sport that they want to play. The parents also play an important role in the child’s sports because it is important that they keep their kids in good shape, sports can really help the child become the person they want to be.
In the article “Importance of youth sports Statistics”, Sue Castle, Executive Producer of PBSSpots says “The evidence supporting sports participation for youth people is overwhelming…it has the power to combat everything from racism to low self-image………” It is crazy to think of that because the American people don’t want that happening to the young generation, but it happens all the time. That is one of the reasons why young children don’t participate in sports. However, when a kid comes home crying, because they had a bad day at practice or someone made fun of them, this is when it is important for parents and coaches to make sure that it does not happen again so each kid can be the happiest and that they can have a good experience at practice. One of the most important things for a coach is to make sure that each kid is having a good time, especially in youth sports because that could play a role in determining if play when they are older or not. It’s all about the experience. One of the most satisfying points for a kid is at the end of the season when they all get trophies for the sport they played or the activities that that were doing when they were in school. That stays in a child’s memory forever.
Even if the child is not participating in a sport, there are still a numerous activities that they can do in the school that will help them to be successful. School activities such as sports lead to lower dropout rates. “96% of dropouts in 14 school districts in seven regions of the nation were not participating in an athletic program”. If a student is active in anything that the school is doing even if it’s drama club then it will give them a good reason to go to school every day, be successful, and help them not drop out of school. According to the article that I read, “95% of Fortune 500 executives participated in high school athletics.” When kids are doing all those activities in the school, they are less likely to think about other things like getting into drugs. Many kids have their own reason that they are playing the sport or activity that they want to participate in.
Playing youth sports teaches you good life lessons that you are going to be able to use down the road, such as setting goals for yourself, and creating mindset for success. Setting goals for yourself is important because sports will teach you how to set your goals so if down the road you want to play further on into college then you know what you have to do to get there. The mindset for success is also another good way to in “life lessons” because when you want to do something in life you are going to have the mindset to be successful in what you want to do and that is really important. Researchers say that kids that play youth sports are in good physical health, and that they are very likely to become very outstanding men and women which is key because with youth sports the coaches try their hardest to teach them everything that they learned as a kid to help them become the person they are today. For an example, when I was a Sophomore in high school I was not really good at baseball, then as I worked my way to the varsity team I thought to myself, “If I work as hard as these boys are I can be really good” and my coaches kept on pushing me to be the best athlete I can be. That really pushed me to be the athlete that I can be and through junior year in high school I wanted to get a starting spot on the team as a pitcher and I didn’t exactly get what I wanted but I ended up helping the team when the team needed it the most leading us to the semi final game of my junior year. Then on my senior year I really pushed myself over the off-season to become ten times better than what I was my junior year. I became a better person, more mature and I wanted to always play baseball. That really helped me because the pitcher that I was because I was focused on what I wanted to achieve and that was a championship for my high school and sadly I fell a little short of that because in the semi final game I ended up breaking me collar bone and we ended up losing that game, but the person that I am today when I am coaching on the ball field to when I am hanging around with all the friends is really because of baseball and how I was treated when I was younger. Having such a good coaching staff through all my baseball career really helped me understand baseball the way that I do today. That all started with youth sports. I am a firm believer that if every kid participates in a activity or something to do with the school that they are going to be successful in school and have a higher self-of steam.
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