Importance of Teaching aids in ELLTIntroduction Teacher is artist Paper

Published: 2021-06-25 04:07:01
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Importance of Teaching aids in ELLT
Teacher is artist who moulds his teaching according to learners need. He can use various tools for make his teaching artificial. It is helpful for teacher in class through these tools; he can attract student’s intension towards teaching. This article explains that we should never stop learning as knowledge gained through learning process boosts confidence in us, leads to self-improvement, increases our understanding and brings humbleness. Learning is a fun process that helps us to cope up with the change.
Teaching Aids
Teaching aids are tools used by teacher while they teach , These tools includes objects ,image, clips, boards, audio, visual, Teacher make his teaching with the help of teaching aids.
Ancient philosopher Plato also gives preference knowledge acquired by senses is superior than traditional teaching always take care to set the scenery of his dialogues, and he used concrete words and concrete comparisons (for example, the cave) as foundations for his most abstract ideas.
Teaching aids deals with objects and tools which experienced by five sense 1) Eyes – image (students see) 2) Ears – hear (Audio), 3) Tongue – taste 4) Nose – smell and 5).Skin – Touch
1) Eyes – image (students see)
Teacher can use teaching visual aids such as real object, picture, map and graph. Teacher show image or object in front of students they see that image and understood teacher’s intension behind it thus they know about that concept, subject or word.
2) Ears – hear (Audio),
Teacher nowadays eager to use audio teaching aids such as radio, gramophone, and tape recorder. Teacher play audio in front of their students they listen that clip or recording and understood teacher’s purpose behind it thus they know about that subject.
3) Tongue – taste
Teacher nowadays eager to do different experiments in their class, they use teaching aids in the form of vegetables such as caret (sweet) grapes (sour). Teacher asks his students to taste those vegetables and tell in front of students about their experience of taste and understood teacher’s idea behind it thus they know about that subject.
4) Nose – smell
Teacher is artist who introduces his students other teaching aids from nature which is beautiful as well as spread fragrance everywhere like perfume that is flower. Teacher can collects flowers of rose and jasmine, He distribute those in class then record students experience Thus students aware with smell with the help of their nose which is sense of smell.
5).Skin – Touch
English teacher use teaching aids such as ice and hot pot, He can keep those objects in class then record students response thus students aware with last sense called touch with the help of their skin, students can touch both of these objects and easily find out ice is cold where as pot is hot thus they understood contrast among them
English is foreign language that’s secret behind Indian Students cannot acquire it or understand it like their own mother-tongue. Teaching of English becomes difficult for Indian teacher. The main purpose behind use of audio-visual aids is to enable our Indian teacher to make their own lessons effective and interesting. Teacher use direct method for teaching of English, it is their duty to give clear idea to the students through audio-visual aids. Film Projector This machine is used for showing films. Some good films on various topics are available. Advantages
(i) They draw attention of the students. (ii) They help to bring past to the class-room. (iii) It is possible to reduce or enlarge at the size of the object by using the machine. (iv) They can be used to show a record of a event. (v) They can serve a large class at a time. (vi) They provide a good aesthetic experience.
Necessity of teaching aids
1) Visual Aids remind concept
Teacher knows well that each student forget lesson taught in class so he cleverly use Proper teaching aids which helpful to remember difficult concept because visual image come in front of learners eyes its impact seen in the form of they can remind it permanently.
2) Motivate
Teacher knows well value of teaching aids so they skillfully use those aids for impress their student, it’s impact suddenly seen in the form of better learning. Teacher can use teaching aids in his class through these aids students understood subject better its proper use motivate students to learn new subject.
5) Teaching aids helpful for make suitable environment in class for subject which develops interest among learner for learn that subject..
8) Teaching aids are agents who give chance for student to take direct experience of the circumstances explain in text.
2) Clarification
teacher use these teaching aids for give clear information of the subject in simple or easily way.
3) facilities
Teaching aids helpful or it provide facilities for proper understanding of the subject students
4) Increase the Vocabulary
Teaching aids enrich or improve the vocabulary of the learner.
5) Saves Time and Money
6) Classroom Live and active
Teaching aids make the classroom live and active.
7) Avoids Dullness
Teacher is an ideal educator who chows well that basic of education is to train the individual not only physically which develops his character but also mentally which improve his mind moral conduct. Teacher is thread which binds him with society or social life, teacher is one who teaches new ideas, facts and techniques to a specific public resulted in integration of minds. Unity of physical and mind is the main goal of education. Educational instruments are Films, radio and television; they nowadays rapidly take in charge of older means.
Everyone knows that audio-visual aids cannot be separated from educational materials as a whole, the lack of qualified teacher and equipment is the main obstacle to make virtual class room .It is well known fact that audio-visual aids may produce their best results when they are used in connation with active teaching methods. Here, the task of educators is to draw the attention of their governments to these methods and to the recommendations of previous seminars concerned with the introduction of an initiation into film and radio techniques into normal schools and similar institutions.
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