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Published: 2021-06-25 03:44:39
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Submitted by: Sitara Saeed
343668258407000ID: 20151-19287
Report based on (Tick) Option 1 _______ Option 2 _______
ID no: 20151-19287
Control no:
Major Field: Human Resources
Option no: 1
Organization: Pakistan International Airlines
Duration: 1st July 2019 to 11th August 2019
Due Date of Report: 25th September 2019
Report submitted on: 24th August 2019
INTRODUCTION:Pakistan International Airlines Corporation, commonly known as PIA is the flag carrier airline of Pakistan. PIA or Pakistan International Airline is the first and only state airline of Pakistan. It is also one of the earliest airlines of South Asia operating since 1955. The airline, with its head office on the grounds of Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, is one of the largest airlines in Asia, operating scheduled services to 24 domestic destinations and 39 international destinations in 25 countries across Asia, Europe and North America. Its main bases are Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad/Rawalpindi.
The airlines secondary bases include Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, Sialkot and Multan, from which it connects the metropolitan cities with the main bases, the Middle East and the Far East. The airline is owned by the Government of Pakistan (87%) and other shareholders (13%).
Vision:PIA’s vision is to be a world class profitable airline meeting customer expectation through excellent services, on-time performance, innovative products and absolute safety.
Mission:Employee teams will contribute towards making PIA a global airline of choice through:
Offering quality customer services and innovative products.
Using state-of-the-art technologies.
Ensuring cost-effective measures in procurement and operations
Developing Safety Culture.
Slogan:“great people to fly with”
DEPARTMENT DETAILS:Department 1: Recruitment and Placement
Supervisor’s Name: Ma’am Rubina
Designation: Head (Recruitment and Placement)
Duration: 4 weeks
Department 2: HR Records
Supervisor’s Name: Ma’am
Duration: 2 weeks
Position Required: When there is a vacancy in the department and excessive manpower is required the department sends requests to hire individuals through internal or external job postings. The manager approves the request and sends it for approval.
Request for Approval:The Human Resources Records forwards the vacancy status for the positions that need to be filled. The HRA&C director then approves the request to place job advertisements internally and externally.
Advertisement (Internal / External):After the approval internal and external job advertisements are released.
Internal advertisements are posted on the company’s website, it is further emailed on the company’s internal server and forwarded to current employees and lastly intimated to human resource units and station heads.
External advertisements are posted in different newspapers across the country and on social platforms such as LinkedIn and various job portals.
Application Submission:For Internal Advertisement, Candidates that meet the job requirements complete the application and submit it along with the required documentation, they further get the forms approved by the concerned HR units.
For External Advertisement, Candidates that meet the job requirements complete the application on prescribed form and send it along with the required documents through registered mail.
Scrutiny Process:The scrutiny process is carried out where the HR department verifies candidates for the job description that was posted. Then each application is marked as eligible or non-eligible. The eligible applications are further forwarded whereas the non-eligible applications are discarded.
Data Preparation:The data from the applications is computerized. If the candidate is eligible then data is entered into the system and recorded. If the candidate is ineligible, only selected data is stored and a reason for discarding the application is noted.
Call for Test:In a few cases, eligible applicants are required to write a test. These tests can be conducted at home, in PIA Training Centers or in testing agencies such as NTS and IBA.
Test Result:The applicants that are successful in the tests are informed about the admissibility and are requested to appear for an interview.
Conducting Interview:A selection board is gathered which encompasses management nominees that conduct the interview keeping in mind the nature of the job and the pay for the position. Applicants appear for the interview and successful candidates are chosen. After the interviews are conducted a merit list is prepared keeping in mind the test, interview and the provincial and regional quota that is given by the federal government. A final management approval is required and the selected candidate is inducted.
PLACEMENT PROCESS AT PIA:The placement process at PIA is described below:
Merit List:The approved merit list is provided by the recruitment department.
Offer Letter:The selected applicants are issued offer letters that specify job specifications and other terms and conditions. After seven days a reminder is sent to the applicant if acknowledgment is not received. A cancellation letter is issued if the applicant does not accept the offer or declines within the period of time.
Documentation & Verification:The candidate has to submit:
Prescribed proforma
Police verification
Medical Fitness from PIA Medical facilities.
Attested copies of testimonials
Issuance of P/UT Number & Joining Advice
After completion of formalities, Placement Section issue Personal/Under Training (UT) number to the candidates.
Joining advice issued to the candidate with instructions to report for duty to the concerned HR Unit.
Joining Report:Upon reporting of the selectee, the concerned HR Unit issues a joining report with a copy to employment section.
Issuance of Appointment Letter & Source 50:Once the Joining Letter is received, Employment section issues the Appointment letter & source 50 to the selectee.
Personal File of the Candidates:· Finally, the personal file of the appointed employee, along with complete documents is sent to HR Records section.
MY CONTRIBUTION/WORK IN THE DEPARTMENT:My internship started off in the Recruitment and Placement department under the supervision of Ma’am Rubina. She gave us a brief overview of PIA and the HR department. I was given a tour of various departments within the head office along with other internees. My supervisor explained various functions of the HR department within PIA and introduced us to the employees that worked within these departments. I spent four weeks in the recruitment and placement department.
I was also given the task of creating a draft of job posting.
I was maintaining candidate’s record on MS Excel. I was also updating the candidate’s status by marking their names in different colors.
For example, Green for shortlisted and red for rejected. The final list is sent to the manager where he again shortlists the candidates and decides a date for interview to hire potential candidates for job.
In the recruitment and placement department, I learned how to conduct initial screenings for job postings internally.
I was asked by my supervisor to schedule interviews for internees in which I would call them and schedule the time that was convenient for the applicant as well as the interviewer. First the timings and day is decided with the interviewee on phone call. Once it is decided then it is mailed to the interviewee via email.
During the interview process, I was observing the panel that was asking questions and taking notes on the candidate’s responses which were taken in note while shortlisting the candidates for job.
I was also given the opportunity to mark the candidate on the evaluation form which had to be filled by observing the behavior of the interviewee. My evaluation was considered by the interviewee while taking the final decision in shortlisting the candidates.
If the candidate was selected, I was given the task of following up with them and calling up to ask them for the required documentation which needs to be submitted in order to be inducted at PIA which includes:
Pay slip of previous job
Educational documents
2 passport size photographs
Copy of CNIC
FUNCTION#2: HR RECORDSHR Records is one of the most important department of HR in a sense that it has all the documents of an employee from the day he joins till his retirement.
At PIA the system that is most commonly used is paper based. There are many documents of an employee which makes it difficult to keep track and trace their previous record. Therefore, PIA applies the LAOO concept in which each employee is provided with a number. The number starts off indicating the year the case was entered followed by the LAOO number which makes it simpler for PIA to track previous information. The LAOO number makes it easier to find the employee documents as it becomes too difficult to trace documents among thousands of other employees’ records.
HR Records has all the confidential information of employees and therefore, no one other than the assigned group of people of HR records can have access in the department.
The HR Records is basically comprised of 3 units:
Record Room
RECORD ROOM:The first unit of HR records is record room where all the documents of the employees along with their LAOO numbers are sent here to keep track of all the information related to an employee and keep them confidential. Record room takes care of all the information and also updates all the records to make it easier to trace them in future.
AUTOMATION:Automation is the process in which all the documents are computerized and are saved in the ERP software which has been introduced at PIA. ERP has made life of employees at HR Records hassle-free as it has improved efficiency, flexibility and accuracy and also saves time.
ARCHIVING:In the archiving unit, all the documents are scanned which are not required on daily basis but might need in future. So in order to save the documents archiving is done which also reduces paperwork and becomes easier to keep track on the records.
MY CONTRIBUTION/WORK IN THE DEPARTMENT:HR Records is one of the most important department of HR in a sense that it has all the documents of an employee from the day he joins till his retirement. HR Records has all the confidential information of employees and therefore, no one other than the assigned group of people of HR records can have access in the department but I as an intern got the opportunity to stay and have an overlook of the HR records for two weeks.
In HR records, since there are a lot of records and it gets difficult to trace records as PIA is mostly based on paperwork so automation and archiving takes place so that records can be scanned and saved to the ERP.
In this department, I was assigned to scan the documents of employees and maintain their files separately. I was given the task to confirm the LAOO number written of each document and compile the documents accordingly while maintaining files of each and every employee on PIA’s database.
THEORIES LEARNED AT IoBM AND THEIR IMPLEMENTATION:RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION:Recruitment and Selection is one of the major functions of Human Resources and I’m glad to study it from the best faculty. Recruitment and selection taught us the stages an employee goes through while a company hires the candidate.
Recruitment is a process where a company attracts a pool of candidates to apply for job whereas, Selection is the process where the candidates are screened to choose the most suitable candidate for the vacant post.
The recruitment and selection procedure consist of various steps which includes:
At PIA, I mostly worked in the Recruitment and Placement department and therefore, I got a complete insight of their recruitment process. I got to witness the whole recruitment process as I was given the opportunity of creating drafts of job postings, learned how to conduct initial screening, scheduling interviews, observing candidate’s responses and evaluating their behavior, collecting necessary documentation.
TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT:Training and development course taught us that every employee needs training whenever he lacks in his task. Training is not just given when an employee is out of track but it requires training need analysis (TNA) to determine whether an employee needs training or not.
At PIA, Training of Employees, for instance cabin crew members is done at Pakistan Training Center (PTC). PTC is a department of PIA where all sorts of trainings take place.
Each department has units which looks over the Training Need Analysis and identifies if training is required. It further gets approved and then the training process gets started.
Training periods varies from position to position and also the tenure. Training is given by either the senior employees who are trained to give training and also in some cases trainers are outsourced.
Once the training is conducted, there is test of the candidates to see the outcome of training program. If a candidate fails, he/she has to reappear in the exam.
NEW CONCEPTS:LAOO:LAOO stands for Local Admin Office Order. At PIA the system that is most commonly used is paper based. There are many documents for an employee which makes it difficult to keep track and trace their previous record. Therefore, PIA applies the LAOO concept in which each employee is provided with a number. The number starts off indicating the year the case was entered followed by the LAOO number which makes it simpler for PIA to track previous information.
TMS:TMS stands for Time Management system. It is a software used by PIA which keeps track of employee’s attendance, submissions and leave requests. As PIA has thousands of employees the system makes it easier and convenient for the HR department to keep track of their employees. Time Management System training is provided by the HR department to new hires at Pakistan Training Center (PTC) so the employees are aware of how the system works.
RECOMMENDATIONS:PIA should consider implementing a digital system to store records instead of the current
paper-based system as this will make searching, tracing and storing data more convenient.
PIA has numerous employees and some of them are not productive enough which is why PIA is suffering from losses therefore, PIA should downsize within the organization which will help PIA reduce losses in future. PIA should start terminating employees on bad performance so new and fresh applicants can get a chance to improve the system.
Due to shifting of head office and transfer of senior employees in Islamabad the PIA office was unorganized which let to communication gap between the employees therefore, there were several delays in their work. To overcome this problem PIA should either digitize their system or move the office all together at once.
During my visit in different department I noticed a lot of employees who have completed 10 years and more at PIA but they do not possess skills like using technology which creates a lot of gap. To tackle this problem PIA should provide their employees with regular training sessions so the employees are up to date with the current system.
PIA has paused external hiring due to excess employees within the firm. This leads to less creativity and innovation within the firm. Therefore, PIA should start External Hiring of fresh graduates or younger employees that are more familiar with the digital system. This way PIA can save on training cost and have a more productive workforce which can help the organization flourish.
PIA has a bad reputation worldwide for having delayed flights and cargo problems. This is mainly due to inefficient staff members. Therefore, training should be provided to these employees so that such problems are avoided in the future and PIA is able to regain its brand image within the market.

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