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Published: 2021-06-25 03:43:03
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Inhumanity, illness, and disabilities among people are prevalent. Some are short-termed as others get to be long-termed. There is no specific age set where disease and disability are favorable, thus affecting children, adolescents, and adults at any age. Parenting has been faced with many challenges as Smith, Cheater & Bekker, (2015) supported. Among them is, challenges associated with a parent having a child with long-term disability or illness. They have faced different problems with the variation being determined by their financial status as well as the emotional condition of the parent relationship with the pare.t in this report; we will highlight the problems faced by parents having disabled children and long-termed illness (Smith, Swallow & Coyne, 2015).
Problems faced by parents with children having long-term illness or disability.
In a case where the child’s illness is wanting, the parent may be required to have the children take for a medical check-up. At times we have the hospital being miles away from the family’s price of habitation (Smith, Cheater & Bekker, 2015). Therefore, they are not able to take the child for frequent check-ups as the doctor prescribes. As a result, death of the disabled or ill child is the collective impact on the long distances between the hospital and the sick child’s residents. Worsening of the illness is also an impact of having hospitals far away from patients’ homes (Smith, Cheater & Bekker, 2015).
At times, we have the parents to these children with a long-term illness or disability having insufficient funds to sustain the cost of the child’s treatment (Muscara et al., 2015). This is with consideration of a situation that there are still other children in need of financial support from the same parent. As a result, the effects of the parent having economic instability are lack of purchase of required medication for the ill/disabled. Some illness needs daily use of medicine as some cases of disability demand for the drug. Also, there is a need for finances from the parent for sustainability when going for medical check-ups as well as in the collection of the required medicines. As a result, the condition of the children worsens with common cases leading to the death of the children (Muscara et al., 2015). Other situations force the parents to ask for support from churches and friends for sustainability to save the lives of their children. For this challenge, Muscara et al., (2015) claims that the government of the affected parent’s nation is required to consider opening free medical services to individuals with a disability and for the sick as well.
When children fall sick, there is the emotional change that occurs in them that makes them feel neglected and isolated (Smith, Swallow & Coyne, 2015). Also, due to the effects of sickness which come along with weakness, the children act-out at times as others (due to illness or disability) reject their parents leading to heavy punishment. This is a problem common from children with mental illness or mental disability. According to Smith, Swallow & Coyne, (2015) when they deny their parents, the parents get psychologically disturbed. Therefore, they are forced to implement any effective measures to have the children accept them as family. This includes the severe canning of the children to make them take their parents as other parents choose to torture the children. Professionally, this challenge is supposed to be controlled by exposing the child to a psychologist who is competent to guide them to the parent’s acceptance (Smith, Swallow & Coyne, 2015).
Therefore, we can conclude that effects of challenges facing parents with children having long-term illness or disability are mainly the children’s death, children’s’ conditions worsening as well as depression of the parents. A remedy to these impacts is the government to intervene helps these parents financially and materially to reduce the death cases among children and depression among the parents.

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