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Published: 2021-06-25 03:38:22
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Writing an accounting and finance personal statement is a bit harder than writing a statement for any other subject. The personal statement is required to be written by the applicant who is applying for a graduate program. Majority of students are not sure exactly sure what to write in a statement and what the colleges seek in it.
Essay Example on Admission For Accounting
Remember that a personal statement is an additional yet important application which is accompanied by the admission application. This application is used by the committee of the admission department to assess the skills and potential of an applicant – which is you – and to see whether he/she is fit for their college or not. It gives you an opportunity to explain your motivations, skills, experiences and your qualities. Some personal statement prompts ask specific questions from the applicant while some ask only general questions which give the applicant a flexibility to respond to those questions as he sees fit.
You must also need to keep in mind that this statement gives you the opportunity to shine and to make your application more prominent than others. You are free to describe a little about yourself in the statement, discuss your interests and hobbies, tell the committee why you want to further explore the accounting and finance field and why you seek admission in their college.
Following are certain basic yet crucial tips on making your accounting and finance personal statement attractive and compelling:

Be Sincere

Be sincere. Yes, it is the first basic tip that majority of students overlook and end up getting rejected. Writing a lie in a personal statement is one of the biggest mistakes that pupils make. They try to add lie in their statements hoping to impress the admission department but when a question from the same statement is asked from the applicants during the interview their mind goes completely blank. Do not underestimate the skills of the members of the admission committee. They have years of experience in their field. It is their job to assess hundreds of applications and find the best candidate. They can easily detect a lie and use that lie against you to embarrass you for lying. So, be sincere even if you don’t have any special quality or story to tell. Believe in your skills and potential.

Clear-Cut Details

Talk to the point and in a clear-cut manner. You don’t need to use any sorts of embellishments for the statement, just keep the statement simple and accurate. Many applicants try to be too formal while writing a statement and make it lengthy without any necessary reason. Realize that the admission department has to assess hundreds of application every year. They don’t have time to go through lengthy statements that talk about only rubbish things. Just be yourself and write in a very simple manner.

Avoid Typos and Grammar Errors

Keep in mind that you are applying for a graduation program so make certain that you correct all the grammar mistakes and typos before sending it to the admission department.

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