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Published: 2021-06-25 03:45:01
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The main aim of any organization is to maximize the shareholders wealth or the return on their investment. Since human asset is the most important asset in any organization, more emphasis has to be directed to their competence and their ability to do their duties effectively and efficiency. Salesclerks are part of this human asset who ensures that organizational products and services are marketed and sold to a wide range of customers thus leading to an increase in profit levels. As a training supervisor of a large, local retail company for example Coca Cola Company there is need to enhance the marketing skills of the salesclerks. (Whitfield, 2000)Because globalization has become the modern form of business, I will design orientation/training program that is unique as compared to training programs provided by my company’s competitors. For example, I will incorporate the aspects of experience, accountability, complete customization, the salesclerks should learn new principles of marketing, and equip them with long-term retention skills of retaining and maintaining customers among others. In order to maximize the return on investment, as a training sales supervisor I will ensure that the program should incorporate balancing real sales objectives and quantifiable objectives with the growth of the entire new sales team. In order to achieve good results from the training program it is very crucial to incorporate the following steps when designing an efficient and effective training programs; identification and definition of the company’s main goals, coming up with needs of training/induction programs, outlining the training objectives, coming up with viable training techniques, deciding on the potential trainees, deciding the best trainers, implementing the training process, and then determine the methods of evaluating the training process. If such a process is adopted then there is a high chance of achieving the training goals that is the trainees will get skills and knowledge required to perform their duties.Topics To Be Covered:The first thing that I will do is to determine the training priorities of the three-day orientation program that will ensure a truly all-inclusive orientation training program to be covered. The topics covered should be up to date issues that the sales force has to know when dealing with contemporary business undertakings. The topics designed should meet the training goals by clearly outlining the expected behavior or skills to be attained by the salesclerk after training program. Since the seven departments of the company are interrelated in one way or another there is greater need to introduce the new salesclerks to these departments and inform them on what they are expected from them. The topics covered should include the following: (Paul, 1995)The first subject to be covered will be that of communication skills. It is very crucial for any salesclerk to know how to conduct himself and interact with the company’s customers. The new salesclerks will be subjected to learn on the importance of communication skills and how it impacts their productivity. Communication skills will include both the aspects of listening and at the same time conveying messages to the customers. Most companies fail because of the poor communication skills exhibited by their employees and here trainees will be expected to know how to address the customers using good language and always giving the customer time to answer questions and seek clarifications for any misunderstandings if any. The salesclerks will be taught on how to communicate to the customer both using the phone and when the customer is physically present. Such conducts like arrogance and confrontation should be avoided by the salesclerks in order to attract and retain customers thus this will lead to effective management of the organization and thus increase in productivity level.The other topic to be covered will be that of leadership skills, whereby the salesclerks will be expected to gain knowledge that will improve their leadership skills. Every salesclerk is viewed a leader in that each and every activity that he/she does affect the organization in one way or another. More emphasis will be directed to democratic approach of leadership whereby the salesclerks especially those who are supervisors should make the decision process to be more inclusive and thus it will lead to motivation of employers. A good leader always lead by example and the salesclerk should exhibit such skills when dealing with company’s customers and his/her colleagues. (Whitfield, 2000)Since there is use of computerized cash systems, the other topic of interest to be covered will be that of equipping the salesclerks with necessary computer skills to enhance their work performance and especially when dealing with finance issues. Many companies have adopted the concept of recording transactions using computers and therefore knowledge of MS word, Ms Excel, and programming such as UNIX-PLUS should be provided to the salesclerks. With such computer knowledge records will be easily traced when required and cash transactions can be done faster as compared to manually using book keeping systems. Also due to globalization, there has been development of new technologies such as E-marketing whereby salesclerks can do their marketing responsibilities through the internet. The basic skills of internet applications systems will be very important because salesclerks can explore new markets without necessarily going to those places physically.The other topic to be covered will be that of product skills. This implies that the salesclerk have to be equipped with knowledge of the features of the company’s product that it is being subjected to the markets. Since the salesclerks will be new in the company more emphasis will be directed to the salient features of the product that differentiate company’s product from those of its competitors. This will boost marketing skills of the salesclerks because they will be in a better position to inform the customers of how the products offered by the company are unique and they are worth buying by the potential customers. Such skills also will give the salesclerks the confidence to market the company’s products without hesitating about the quality of the product. (Bresnahan, 2002)The other topic to be covered will be that of public relations. Although the concept of public relations is more connected to that of communication, the former mainly deals with attracting and retaining the company’s customers. A good salesclerk is one who is able to convince customers to accept the company’s product and hence building the company’s reputation. The salesclerks will be taught on various ways on how to attract and retain the company’s customers as well as how to build the reputation of the company among the consumers. It is evident that consumers will always prefer honest and trustworthy salesclerks who will faithfully accomplish their business dealings with them without disappointing them. The salesclerks will be taught on how to handle various business conflicts such as misunderstanding between salesclerks and the customers without loosing them. In this subject of public relation the salesclerks will be taught that customers are the most important people for the company and that they should serve them diligently without prejudice. For example the salesclerks of Coca Cola Company will be expected to market the company’s product as well as trying to build the name of the company. They will do these through offering the customers with best services like delivery of the products on time and the products should meet customer specification.Techniques Used In Training:Generally there are two techniques that can be employed in training program: On-the-job training which will involve provision of training to salesclerks while they carry out their undersigned duties. This method has the advantage of saving time because training or induction is done at the same time when employees are working. The other technique is called off-the-job whereby the salesclerks will be taught at a specific location and at the time when they are not carrying out their duties. As the training supervisor, I will prefer the technique of off-the job training since the employees will be new in the company. I will particularly employ the following techniques: (Paul, 1995)The first technique is through lecture whereby presentation of knowledge will be done verbally to the salesclerks. This method is the best because the salesclerks will be many and they will be know time to concentrate on one individual at a time. It is said to be the most cost effective technique of conveying information to many people. The other technique that I will use during training is that of role playing and simulation whereby I will present the salesclerks with potential problems and alternative solutions and give them time to discuss. For example I will use this method in raising the issue of public relation. Because of this aspect of training the salesclerks will gain experience from the discussion and thus they can handle problems with ease when they will embark on their work.The use of programmed learning techniques will be appropriate especially when the salesclerks will be trained on computer applications. The use of computers in demonstrating the real situations expected from them and this will give them an opportunity to be competent and be ready to apply what they have learned to their real work environment when their time comes. They will have an opportunity to ask questions and thus gain enough experience. (Bresnahan, 2002)Methods Of Evaluating Success Of Program:The success of the training program will largely depend on how the salesclerks employ the acquired knowledge in carrying out their duties. However, before the salesclerks will be dispatched to their various workplaces testing the competence of the salesclerks will be important. This can be done through administering them with tests after the training for example asking those questions which are related ton what was learned during the program. This will provide an opportunity to know if they have gained from the program.The best method however to evaluate them is through monitoring them when they will be carrying out their duties. This will involve monitoring and evaluating of their work performance by comparing what they were taught and their actual performance. This will provide the entire management with the opportunity of understanding and knowing the competence of the salesclerks.Conclusion:Evaluation should be done continuously during the training program and any inconsistency can be solved or incorporated in the training program. According to latest survey, reports suggest that training leads to many benefits to a company and it should always be done regularly in any organization. Such benefits associated with training include increase in productivity or output, there is reduction of labor turn-over, there are high levels of efficiency and effective operations, and there is less need for supervising the entire workforce. There is also evidence that the entire employees of any company always build up superior sense of self-esteem, dignity, and happiness as a result from training and therefore they always feel precious to both the company and to the general public. Training also leads to greater satisfaction by employees thus attainment of goals because they are motivated and willing to work because they are competent enough to carry out their responsibilities. (Whitfield, 2000)

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