Total Quality Management for Operatiing Manager Paper

Published: 2021-06-25 03:45:24
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TQM stresses a commitment by management to have a continuing company wide drive toward excellence in all aspects of product and service” I agree this statement. Because quality decisions influence each of the 10 decisions made by operations managers. Each of those 10 decisions deals with some aspect of identifying and meeting customer expectations. Meeting those expectations requires an emphasis on TQM if a firm is to complete as a leader in world markets. Seven concepts are used for an effective TQM Program.There are 1. Continuous improvement 2. Six Sigma 3. employee empowerment 4. Benchmarking 5. Just in time (JIT) 6. Taguchi concepts and 7. Knowledge of TQM tools. Continuous improvement Total quality management requires a never-ending process of continuous improvement that covers people, equipment, suppliers, materials and procedures. A continuous improvement model is plan, do, check and act. And operations manager is a key player in building a work culture that endorses continuous improvement.Six Sigma is a program designed to reduce defects to help lower cost, save time and improve customer satisfaction. It is a strategy because it focuses on total customer satisfaction. It is a discipline because it follows the formal Six Sigma improvement model known as DMAIC. Which are Defines, Measures, Analyzes, Improves and Control. And also it is set of seven tools. Successful six sigma projects are clearly related to the strategic direction of a company.It is a management directed, Team based and expert-led approach. Employee empowerment is enlarging employee jobs so that the added responsibility and authority is moved to the lower level possible in the organization. Bench marking involves selecting a demonstrated standard of performance that represents the very best performance for a process or activity. JIT system is designed to produce or deliver goods just as they are needed. JIT is related to quality in three ways, there are 1. cut the cost of quality 2.Improve quality and 3. Better quality means less inventory and a better easier to employ JIT system. Taguchi concept aims for the target because product produced near the upper and lower acceptable specifications results in higher quality loss function. Knowledge of TQM Tools, everyone in the organization must be trained in the techniques of TQM. 7 Tools of TQM are Cheek sheets, Scatter diagrams, Cause and effect diagrams, Pareto charts, flow charts, Histograms and Statistical process control.

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