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Published: 2021-06-25 04:07:02
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Part A
Author: John Frederick Pepple
Part B: The article begins with an introductory question to why America‘s leftists are open-minded about foreign sports. It questions the open-mindedness of the entire American population towards sports and talks about how the American population has been prejudicial against foreign sports especially football yet these same people admire foreign art, foreign dishes, foreign music and other foreign things. He criticizes the leftist movement who claim to be very liberal on issues that affect the society. He explains that it is only in the 1970s, when the American leftists stopped being prejudicial against soccer and other foreign sports (Pepple, 2010). He calls the educational movement, multiculturalism. It is a farce movement because of two main reasons. The administrators in institutions who insist that students respect foreign sports do not respect the sports themselves. Secondly, the writer states that the sports have been disrespected by other cultures and Americans who have a general view that soccer is a boring sport. The main reason behind soccer prejudice dates back to the post war period where other native sports such as baseball and other sports that are regarded of highly in the American culture were started. The writer in the article refutes the claim that multiculturalism exists (Pepple, 2010).
Part C: Multiculturalism can be expressly defined as participation in the different cultures of different people or countries. Depending on the perspective of determining whether multiculturalism exists, answers can vary. However, I think that the societies all over the world have embraced multiculturalism in one aspect or the other. For example, people in America consume foods that were not native to the American continent. For example, sushi, truffles, and lasagna are foods that are very popular among the American population regardless of the origin. This clearly shows that the American population has embraced multiculturalism in varying aspects. Internationalization of sports has enabled the growth of majority of sports activities tremendously; sports such as football, athletics have become the center for nationalism in many countries. This has also been facilitated by international sporting events such as the world cup and the Olympics.
Such international events provide a platform for people especially visitors or tourists to sample new cultures and learn more about these cultures. This enables cultures to grow outside their nativity and people get to embrace aspects in their lives such as yoga, which has become very common among people all over the world. The world has become a global village due to advancements in technology. Such advancements have enabled people from different cultures to interact regardless of their locations and share the aspects of cultures. It also ahs enabled people to intermarry and break the cultural barriers that have been at the centre of societal prejudices. Statistics estimate that in the next fifty years there will be no majority race in the United States, this shows that people are slowly accepting each other’s cultures and thus multiculturalism is inevitable and is in existence (Hsu, 2009).
Hsu, H. (2009). The end of White America? The Atlantic 41–42.
Pepple, J.F. (2010). Soccer, the left and the farce of multiculturalism. Bloomington, IN: Author House Publishers.

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