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Published: 2021-06-25 04:06:53
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Free online MBA program is something that you can only imagine to find these days given that the programs are really expensive. Wharton Business School decided to offer bigger piece of its studies fully online and for free. If you were waiting for such opportunity now it’s your chance to grab it while you can. This would make Wharton the first business school that offers online program completely for free. The only thing you need here is time and you’ll get part of the same education that MBA students are getting today. The difference here is that you are not required to pay anything.
Wharton already has its own Coursera platform that offers 5 electives. From now on, you can search for its brand new Foundation platform that is designed from few courses. These courses are from the field in operations management, corporate marketing, financial accounting, and marketing. This free online MBA program will be presented and taught by Wharton’s senior professors.
All courses will be served to you through recorded lectures and will give you couple of exercises during the process. The length of the courses is ranging between 6 and 10 weeks and you will need 8 hours during the week for each one of them. Operation management already started yesterday (September 30th) and the interval between courses is 2 weeks.
According to the managing director of Wharton, Don Huesman, all students who will enroll to this free online MBA program will gain great knowledge. They will learn the basics and the courses are only a replication of what the first year students learn in paid MBA courses. The students who are paying to get online MBA program education need to complete 9 courses. Four of these courses are now available online for free and six other electives.
Wharton Online Mba Cost
Students interested to enroll to this program can follow the course without any additional requirements and work. However, for those who are more committed into getting the proper education, there are many homework, readings, quizzes, etc. If you need a certification that you have completed the course, this free online MBA program offers you verifiable certificate for completing it. You need to pay $49 in order to enroll the “signature track” and you’ll get the proper verification at the end.
According to Huesman, this free online MBA program can be used by many students to see what kinds of lessons are included into the real program. This could represent a test for them in order to see if this program is what they have been searching for and is Wharton the best school for getting wider education. You must be wondering why Wharton is doing this. The answer could be simple, because they tend to show their real face to many professionals why they need to pick Wharton. Through this education given for free, the students can see if Wharton is the right pick or not. Wharton already has a long history of successful students who took their online MBA programs.
There are many great and successful degree programs which are more expensive and require more time and commitment. Thousands of professionals have enrolled Wharton’s online MBA program and many more will get these new and free offer. You won’t get all business skills from this free online MBA program, but you’ll get the chance to see what you can expect when you enroll to their full-time online MBA courses.

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