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Published: 2021-06-25 04:06:53
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This research is based on finding how technology and innovation has become vital for HR employees to adopt in terms of improving and maintaining performance management and employee development.
Technology has now changed the scenario; it is becoming the necessity in every organization for improving the performance of HR employees. The results of the study showed that innovation and IT technology has raised its importance with the passage of time.
HRM refers to the activities and tasks helpful in maximizing employee’s performance in the organization which are also useful to enhance their productivity, quality and effectiveness CITATION Gil09 l 1033 (Gilley, 2009). The use of technology in human resource management or human resources management electronically is called e-HRM, meaning the application of Web-based techniques in HR-related systems and functions CITATION Hop06 l 1033 (Hopkins and Markham, 2006)The human resource management is an important part of any organization. Its main job is to deal with humans and their relevant work activities. Internet has given a hit to the working of businesses and organizations, the advent of internet with its immense variability and innovation has forced every business to get help from the technology and convert their paper work and hand-written logistics to electronic media CITATION ALN08 l 1033 (AL-Najjar, 2008).
Organizations can improve the efficiency of their employees by implementing web techniques and innovating ideas to the workplace.
In any organization, most of the challenges are generated by competition, advanced technology, enhancing employee efficiency and rapid growth, new leadership and managementCITATION Mad05 l 1033 (Madsen et al., 2005)Problem statement
How technology and innovation has become vital for HR employees to adopt in terms of improving and maintaining performance management and employee development.
Literature review
This research signifies the importance of technology and innovation which ultimately affects the performance of the HR employees. Skills of administrative staff can be enhanced by different training methods, in which the most common methods are as follows: 1. Job training 2. Master of education-prentice 3. Learning in a similar situation before you begin 4. Training with theoretical education 5. Distance education 6. Courses outside the institution 7. Introduction to the organization CITATION Mir05 l 1033 (Mirsepasi N. Tehran, 2005)We are living in the era where everything is controlled by computer. In the world of business, role of internet has risen so much that it has become a necessity for a business to enter successfully into the market. The technological development has a significant impact on company’s performance CITATION Mum00 l 1033 (Mumford, 2000). Technological advancement comes from internal advancement CITATION Pav90 l 1033 (Pavitt, 1990), and internal advancement comes from employee capability. So there is a relationship between technological advancement and employee performance CITATION Hus95 l 1033 (Huselid, 1995).
Technology can add both convenience and effectiveness to every job. There has been a significant difference between levels of production before and after the use of modern technology. HR managers have started adopting technology to make their work easier. In human resource management, training the new employees can be a major task. Employees can acquire new knowledge rapidly through trainingCITATION Chi89 l 1033 (Chi et al., 1989).
Organizations adapt the method of training which is consistent with employees and as well as fulfill the goals of organization CITATION Sin12 l 1033 (Singh and Mohanty, 2012). Training does not only help employees to improve their performance but it is also important for the companies to achieve their goals. HR managers can use different web tools to make attractive presentations and to train new employees.
Information technology can be used to set performance standards and to evaluate performance. There are many software available in the market to help you with performance management. HR managers can use these tools for regular assessment and feedback. Employees learn new skills and acquire new knowledge with the help of these tools. Firms must motivate the employees to adopt the new technology by giving incentives to employees in order to get better performance CITATION Dau11 l 1033 (Dauda & Akingbade, 2011)Technology has completely modified the role of human resources all over the world. HR departments use social media for recruitment and other company related information. Job seekers use these social networks to find about the company through different software and mobile applications. Social media offers much more benefits to HR managers to keep in touch with technology and trends. With the entrance of cloud-based applications all the information can be easily accessed online.
Qualitative data has been used to find out how technology has affected the performance of HR employees.
The study population consists of 25 employees in the different organization.
Number of participants in research
A comprehensive survey has been conducted by the researcher. A questionnaire was given to the respondents to better explore their perspective.
Agree Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Result

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