Scott’s Article Is a Proposal on Both Potentials of Positive Approaches and Criticism Paper

Published: 2021-06-25 03:45:26
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Category: Gender Inequality

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However, Scott’s article is a proposal on both potentials of positive approaches and criticism to continue to analyze her studies. Specifically, in what fields, and through a variety’s of actions and revolutions, can gender stay a useful category. She thoroughly delves into the disadvantages of the following: patriarchies inadequately offering a description of the effects of the gender structures onto the inequalities of other genders based on physical differences, as well material explanations not associating gender to other social structures. Scott separates the roles of men and women in terms of inherited biological traits that historians have used to explain genders.
This has no relation to what women and men are programmed to do or be as a person simply because of historians failed attempts to relate roles to deeply rooted biological beliefs. The problem of gender arises from the historical and cultural effort serving as a solution to sexual differences Scott is trying to prove that sexual differences are beyond distinct men and women’s physical characteristics. In Scott’s interpretation of sexual difference, the difficulties are long lasting and confusing, in which every society perceives particular answers. Three main points made by Scott is sex not creating social differences, rather is formed by society. Another is what is considered to be normal behavior for women, which was constructed as well. Lastly, was taking gender seriously not only based on our past interpretations.
The sources Scott used was a dictionary as a primary, and other scholarly written books, articles, etc., as secondary sources. The author in summary absolutely rejects any claim to experience as indisputable proof in historical research, for the reason that experience causes ideological systems during a particular period of time established. In my opinion, Scott’s article review is a great way for new and current generations to set aside beliefs that have been made for centuries and realize the real issues for the sexes. Especially on having other perspectives and forming their own opinions not solely based on histories patriarchal views. The author contributed to history by having a voice for women that have felt that they are supposed to do abide by gender roles, instead of rising above it.

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