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Published: 2021-06-25 03:44:17
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Understanding School Shootings: Solutions
Nowadays, mass school shootings have more fatal consequences than past attacks and thus have generated great public concern. Understanding why they occur is a major part to prevent and ending school shooting attacks. Criminologists along the years are trying to understand what would make one to commit a crime in those proportions and what are the steps to eliminate shooting attacks in schools and increase the safety of students, faculty, and the population. Those steps include implement a national public health strategy focuses on reducing weapons on school grounds and improve social and emotional assistance for students.
First, one way to reduce mass shootings in schools is to find strategies to control the use of weapons in schools. Identifying the institutes that face the largest threats due to the number of weapons on campus is crucial to lower the problem. This type of data is reported through state-level school climate surveys, and public health campaigns, which should be created so as to reduce weapons at these target’s schools. The article Concealed Carry Weapon Permits: A Second Amendment Right or a Recipe for Disaster on Our Nation’s Campuses? Debate the issue of the Journal of American College Health (JACH) article by Price, Mrdjenovich, Thompson, and Dake who presents research on the topic of firearms considering the role of college counseling centers and what counselors are doing for their clients with regard to anticipatory guidance on firearms. In 2008, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance (YRBSS) of students in grades 9 through 12 as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that nationwide, 18.0% of students had carried a weapon on at least 1 day during the 30 days before the survey and 5.5% of students did not go to school because they felt they would be unsafe on their way to or at school. Researchers understand that people with concealed carry weapons permits who follow the law, will be defenseless to defend themselves during an attack, however, they maintain the support for existing state laws that ban concealed weapons in schools and college campuses in the safest decision to avoid accidents and crimes.
Second, improve and increase social and emotional assistance for students could be another way to decrease school shootings. According to the Psychologist Peter Langman, one of the categories of individuals who commit these crimes can be called “traumatized school shooters.”, and are usually from families with disturbing backgrounds, who have suffered numerous traumas, abuse and stress. For example, students who suffer from abuse at home tend to not talk about the problem, and hold emotions can be a big determinant to commit crimes. The School-Based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs is one program that promises to help students to understand and manage their emotions, feel and show empathy, maintain relationships and make responsible decisions (Durlak, 2011). The target population of this program includes students from elementary, middle, and high schools, with or without behavioral issues. The selection of the studies was through a database, reference lists, journals and websites based on youth development and social-emotional learning. A total of 213 studies that included 270,034 students were integrated in this survey. The SEL program incorporates two strategies to help youth development. One strategy is to teach students about processing, integrating, and identify emotions to prevent specific problem behaviors, such as interpersonal violence, bullying, and school failure. The second strategy is to create a safe and caring environment that incorporates peers and families help, improve classroom management with teachers’ assistance, and after-school activities. They found that students who have access to SEL, scored 11 percentile points higher on standardized achievement tests compared to students who did not have access to the program.

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